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into barbarism, but somewhen and somehow he
thinks man must recover. George Bernard Shaw
has recently been saying the same thing*
It may be worse than that.
I have given Mr Streit scarcely a word of
praise, because that would be beside the mark
here. He wrote his book sincerely as a genuine
contribution to the unsystematic world conference
that is now going on, admitting the possibility of
error, demanding criticism, and I have dealt
with it in that spirit.
Unfortunately his word has gone much further
than his book. His book says definite things and
even when one disagrees with it, it is good as a
point of departure. But a number of people
have caught up this word " Federation ", and
our minds are distracted by a multitude of appeals
to support Federal projects with the most various
content or with no content at all.
 AM*the scores and hundreds of thousands of nice
pebple who were signing peace pledges and so
forth a few years ago, without the slightest
attempt in the world to understand what they
meant by peace, are now echoing this new magic
word with as little conception of any content for
it. They did not realise that peace means so
complicated and difficult an ordering and balan-
cing of human society that it has never been j